What is ICAHT

ICAHT Centre for Hijama/Cupping Therapy was established by a small group of Health Professionals and cupping enthusiasts who have been working together in the field of cupping therapy since 2008.

The purpose of the organisation is to help revive the practice of cupping on a global scale to the highest professional level by introducing and promoting safe clinical standards to the practice through both practitioner and public education and via the formulation of a regulatory structure and framework.

What we do

At the ICAHT Centre for Hijama/Cupping Therapy  we employ a wide range of techniques to achieve the best results with our patients. Individual treatment plans use a varied combination of therapies that will be determined after discussing your individual needs with your practitioner.

We have Spinal Manipulation, Turkish Hammam, Wet Cupping/Hijama, Dry Cupping, Medical Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Massage, IASTM Technique.


We take every complaint against our members seriously & will investigate into the details of each grievance to ensure appropriate action is taken to resolve the matter.

By agreeing to accountability all our members demonstrate that they intend to practice within the professional guidelines set out in the ICAHT code of conduct.

ICAHT Practitioners

ICAHT practitioners are qualified health professionals that have gone through a vigorous process of training and assessment to ensure that they are competent at practicing clinical hijama therapy in a safe way, in line with international standards of professional conduct.

Practitioners study the entire human body from head to toe as part of their education process and have an in depth knowledge of how hijama influences human physiology. Understanding how the body works is an essential aspect of helping recovery from illness, disease or simply optimising bodily function.